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Stay True Supply - Donda Kit (Black)

Long Sleeve - Sold Out

Short Sleeve - $100


The Front:

Features references to "Off the Grid" "Hurricane( 3D), a subtle nod to Ye's long time friend, the late Virgil Abloh" Ye's childhood Chicago Home 7815 S. Shore Drive. The word "Grid" is in a stylized font with a reference to the movie Tron. Ye invokes imagery from the Tron film series, comparing his detachment from the above-mentioned distractions to the plight of the films’ protagonists, who are transported to a virtual reality known as “The Grid” and must escape to return to reality.


The Back:

Features the number ten, which is in reference to the 10th studio album. Also there is reference to "Messi" on one of his tracks, who is #10. The words "I wanna go to the moon" reference from a track and also GLOWS IN THE DARK. The silhouette of Ye on the back is from his ATL listening party when he was lifted up high above the performance floor. The Graduation Bear coming from Ye's chest is a return or a release of the old Kanye emerging from himself and also I just like the bear. I think its cool. 


The all over tie-dye is in reference to the strong visuals Ye has used throughout his listening party performances, in which smoke, fire, fog have all been heavily symbolic. 


The masks(soccer snood) are a completely custom element to the design and have been integrated into the base jersey. The dove on the rear or the mask is another heavily symbolic icon Ye has been using throughout the DONDA project.

Stay True Supply - Donda Kit (Black)