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Le Ballon x Bled FC  Season 2


Bled means homeland in Arabic and now French. As we know, the heart is where the home is. For Bled FC, the idea of football being the homeland is something we can get behind. The home shirt is a thing of beauty, incorporating elements of design from Hanoi to Hong Kong, from Rabbat to Rosny-sur-Seine - we still don’t think we’ve seen many better designs than this. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to inspire the Bleddards to anything better than last place. Ouch.

PLEASE NOTE: This shirt is custom printed BY HAND. There are occasional misprints on the fabrics. This cannot be prevented, but we only sell those that we believe are of sufficient quality.


Authentic NIKE Dri-Fit.
Embroidered logos by Avery Dennison.
Customised and made in Paris.

Le Ballon x Bled FC Season 2


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