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The SPOTKICK Set has everything you need to turn your backyard into a fun and competitive soccer playground. Two Spotkick goals and our custom ball are included in this package which is designed for players of all abilities to get off their phone, out of their seats and into the action. Whether you're hosting a birthday party, a family or team barbecue, or just a weekend get-together with friends, SPOTKICK is the perfect way to get everyone involved and having fun.   Improve your first touch, make memories, and have a blast! 

Don't they look so good together?  These patent pending beauties are made of premium grade wood and built to last.  No assembly required!  Simply open the box and you'll be playing in seconds and wondering where this has been all your life.  NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED!

The Spotkick Set includes:

  • Two premium wood construction Spotkick Goals with clear coat finish so its built to last.
  • One Spotkick lightweight soccer ball specifically created for maximum enjoyment.
  • 4 Spotkick cones for ease of play
  • A training aid disguised as a fun soccer game (shush, don't tell your kids!)
  • A great time hanging out with friends while enjoying the beautiful game in a whole new way.  
  • The ability to easily accommodate 8-12 players at once.  No more sitting around endlessly waiting for your turn to play.  
  • Perfect for ages 10 and up!
  • Modified rules for beginners and players under 10.

*Patent Pending

SPOTKICK Classic Set


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