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​​​​​​TraxcionSox V.2 White


Small - 3-7
Medium - 7-9.5

Large - 10 -13.5


  • [High Compression] new spiral knit design
  • [Optimal Air Flow] mesh forefoot ventilation
  • [Non-Slip Grip] Grips increased in size by 110%. Effective and never ripping
  • [Heel Lock] Grips hold your heel secured 
  • [Premium Quality & Pure Comfort] improved fit and material
  • [True to Size] different sizes and colors
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty 

Product Information

  • 56% Polyester 39% Nylon 5% Spandex
  • Size Guide: Small (US 3-7) Medium (US 7-9.5) Large (US 10-13.5)

Looking To Improve Your Acceleration and Agility?

Our socks help to gain the edge over our opponents. Find grip instantaneously whenever you require it. The Anti Slip Technology ensures ultimate security and creates a "locked in" sensation. Our socks will help you become more explosive when a burst of energy is required, you are able to find sufficient grip without struggling to find traction inside your slippy footwear.

Tired Of Blisters, Foot Cramps, And Post-Exercise Foot Soreness?

Say GOODBYE Blisters! If you're sick of blisters in your footwear, then TraxcionSox have provided you with the perfect solution. Our socks vastly reduce friction in areas that are most vulnerable for rubbing. The Anti Slip Technology is specially engineered to connect the layers from your socks and footwear to act as one so that no slipping occurs. This ultimately eliminates foot pain and blisters. Nobody likes to experience the excruciating pain of foot cramps. This is why our socks are engineered with a special lining on the inside to act as a moisture wicking/conforming agent.

TraxcionSox V.2 White